PCR - Professional Clinical Reflexology

The pioneering work of Abbigail Langstone-Wring at the Dorchester County Hospital has provided 3,000 pieces of data to date ( Dec 2018 ) it has supported successful funding applications from the Fortuneswell Charity Trust (FCT) and led to the development of a training programme - Professional Clinical Reflexology PCR – The Langstone-Wring Method    for cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. Supplying qualified reflexologists with the necessary skills and confidence to help not only cancer patients but patients with chronic complex health issues. The FCT has also sponsored the launch in Jan 2019 of the Fortuneswell Complementary Therapy Service at Dorset County Hospital operational Mon- Fri with Clinical Reflexology at it’s core. I have been working here alongside Abbigail since its inception.
Call to discuss how treatment may be able to help you
50 minutes Clinical Reflexology - £25
30 minutes Clinical Reflexology - £20
Home visits are available in the local area



Reflex points on the feet correspond to all areas of the body. Massage techniques release blocked energy pathways and restore the body back to balance and harmony. Helps the body cope with stress and builds a stronger immune system. Improves circulation and increases the body's energy levels. Also helps to relieve digestive conditions, hormonal imbalances, neck and back pain.
Call for a free, no obligation, consultation.
1   treatment (approx 50 min): £25
Course of 4  treatments: £80 (Payable in advance)

Hand Reflexology

The same results as on the feet but working on reflex points on the hands, suitable for clients who don't like to have their feet touched or with an injury to the foot.
1  treatment (approx 30 min): £20
Course of 4 treatments: £65 (Payable in advance)

Fresh Feet Reflexology 

In addition to the standard Reflexology treatment described above, you will receive a luxurious pre-treatment pampering of the feet. 
Soak your feet in an essential oil foot bath, followed by an exfoliation and moisturising of the feet and calves before your treatment.
1 hour and 15 minutes treatment: £35

Indian Head Massage

A wonderfully relaxing back, shoulder and neck massage, which helps to increase joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulder area. Increases blood circulation, lymphatic flow and releases muscular tension. It is particularly good for reducing the effects of stress, headaches and migraines. After a relaxing head massage the treatment finishes with a facial massage, working on reflex points on the face and sinuses. 
45 minute treatment: £25
Course of 4 x 45 minute treatments: £80 (Payable in advance)

Natural Lift Facial Massage

This invigorating facial massage using only organic oil, incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques including:-
Japanese Face Massage
Indian Face Massage
Acupressure and Facial Reflexology
These Techniques may:-
Improve the complexion, remove toxins from the face, help prevent and reduce facial wrinkles and age spots.
The muscles in the face have a memory and will strengthen and tone which will help to prevent sagging skin and fine lines.
These massage techniques aim to release stresses and traumas locked deeply into the muscles of the face , head and neck resulting in a natural face lift.
45 minutes £25
Book a course of 4 treatments for £80 (payable in advance).

Currently Suspended during Covid-19

Hopi Ear Candling (Auricular Therapy)

A relaxing non-invasive treatment which can help with the treatment of sinusitus, rhinitis, excessive earwax, earache and irritation of the ears including tinnitus. This treatment may also help to relieve headaches, migraines, symptoms of hayfever and disturbed sleeping patterns. The treatment finishes with a mini facial massage, including facial Reflexology, to help drain the sinuses and completely relax you into a deeper sense of calming wellbeing.
30minutes £25
Book a course of 4 treatments for £80 (payable in advance)

Top to Toe

This wonderful treatment starts with a relaxing foot spa, then your feet are massaged with an exfoliating scrub followed by a foot and calf massage. A mini facial, including cleanse, tone, head and facial massage using organic oil  will complete this treatment. 
                                                                                   1 hour treatment: £30 

Currently Suspended during Covid-19

Back, Neck, Shoulder & Arm Massage

A relaxing massage of the upper back, neck, shoulders and finishing with the arms.
                                                                                  30 minute treatment: £20 

Foot Spa Ritual

This lovely treatment starts with an invigorating foot spa, then your feet are exfoliated with a foot scrub followed by a massage to the lower legs and feet.
                                                                                 30 minute treatment: £20 

Currently Suspended during Covid-19

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